Food Preferences Survey

    1. What foods are you allergic to?
    We are talking about actual health stuff here: cellular level gut body reactions, physical illness, screaming ambulance trips, that kind of thing.

    2. What foods do you hate?
    Although your body could physically deal with it, you would never allow things to get that far.

    3. What foods do you prefer not to see on your plate?
    ...though you would eat them out of a misguided senes of politeness/guilt.

    4. What is your favorite savory food?
    Note that this question, more than any other, has sent people running for their dictionaries. For the record, savory means not sweet, and implies the courses you eat before dessert.

    5. What is your favorite dessert?

    6. How do you like your beef cooked?

    7. What about fish?

    8. What is your spice tolerance?

    9. How do you enjoy alcohol?

    10. Do you enjoy wine? If not, what is your beverage of choice?

    11. Will you need a place to sleep at the Wcubed house?